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Celebrating Black Architects

In the spirit of Black History Month, we would like to share and honor the stories of four black pioneers in the A/E/C industry to amplify the voices of entrepreneurship, creativity, and perseverance. 

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We Make What We Value

By: Laura Pirie

Change is hard. It shakes the ground under our feet. But…maybe change is not the issue. Perhaps the issue is what change promises: the unknown.

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The Architectural Harvest

Breaking the Mold- for Love, for Culture, for Family

Banned Books and the Executive Order that Never Was

Reflection at Grace Farms

Pandemic Boundaries, Edges and Blurred Lines

A Love Letter to Libraries (Big and Little)

Rendering Visible: The Black Architectural Imagination

National Mentorship Month

Reflecting on Why and How

Full Circle Magic

Framework for Positive Impact



A Behind-the-Scenes Story of Updating the Electrical in an Older Home

Safely Returning to Interior Spaces, Part 2- DIY Box Fan Air Filter

Safely Returning to Interior Spaces, Part 1- Last Minute Risk Reducers

Safely Returning To Interior Spaces – Face Coverings

Guest Post: Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing Recommendations for Re-Opening

6 Tips for Re-opening In-person, Shared Places


Campuses Learning From Each Other: The Takeaways

Trees to the Rescue

Visit to Pages Millpond Dam

Winter Solstice Musings

Climate in the Balance

Lessons in Symbiosis: Learning from an Aquaponics System

6 Lessons Learned from One of the World's Most Sustainable Campuses

Zero Energy Schools: The Impact of Buildings on Climate Change

Cesar Pelli: In Celebration of a Life Well-lived

What Remains

Everyday Sustainability in the Pirie Office

Buildings Are Cool. Buildings Under Construction Are Way Cooler.

University Landscapes Can Enhance Wellbeing

For Earth Day – A Story about Pachamama

Flexible Classroom Space that Works

NESSBE: Equity of Place Summit Takeaways

Equity of Place

Community Engagement and Fear

Union Avenue Corridor Design and Planning Charrette


Art in Public Spaces

A Community Outreach Story and 5 Strategies for Great Outcomes

We Don't Hang Images of Our Projects in Our Office. Here's Why.

Rio Iluminado: Connecting a City to Its River

The Powerful Role of Storytelling in Creating Mission-Driven Environments

The 20 REASONS WHY ……I Won’t Miss Pirie Associates’ Next Event

PechaKucha: A Presentation Format Designed to Spark Ideas

The Architecture of Courage and Creativity

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