Founded in 2002 by Laura Pirie AIA, NOMA, LFA, Pirie Associates has proudly held its post in the beautiful landscape of downtown New Haven, Connecticut for more than two decades. We are a certified Women's Business Enterprise (WBE). Our firm champions diversity and gender equality in the architectural industry.

Endowed with an NCARB certification, we are capable of practicing architecture nationwide.


i. philosophy philosophy-03

At Pirie Associates, our commitment to design excellence is underpinned by three core principles guiding every project:

  • Architecture Enriches Lives and Embodies Aspirations. At Pirie Associates, we design environments to improve lives- spaces that encourage inhabitants to live more fully, work more authentically, and play more freely. Each project is an opportunity to create space that transcends functionality to resonate with the dreams and aspirations of our clients, fostering a sense of identity and purpose.
  • Storytelling is a Vital Component of the Design Process. There are many reasons why people, enterprises, and communities do what they do, value what they value, and live how they live. Each project represents a unique story, shaped by its context, purpose, and the people it serves. By weaving narratives into our designs at Pirie Associates, we create environments that engage on a deeper level, inviting individuals to become active participants in the unfolding story of the spaces they inhabit.
  • Human Wellbeing is the Ultimate Metric for a Successful Design.  We are all part of an interconnected living system that must be preserved. A successful design not only fulfills its intended purpose, but also contributes positively to the holistic wellbeing of its users. Sustainability must be integral to the entire design process in order to meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations.


ii. Process process-05

We elevate organizations with our design approach in order to integrate new strategies for development and engagement:

  • We are Innovators who elevate businesses, organizations, and communities by purposefully engaging their built environment. Our work is guided not by project type or style, but by clients willing to view their environment as an active collaborator in their daily lives. We focus on integrated strategies for business, organizational development, and community engagement.
  • We Employ a Diverse Set of Tools,  extending beyond traditional architecture. We are listening like psychologists, evaluating like strategic consultants, and interpreting like marketers- in addition to designing like architects. Whether it's a new building, a renovation, or branding/graphic design, we tailor our solutions to meet each client's unique needs. We strive to advance their mission, even if it diverges from a traditional architectural approach (which is often the case). 
  • We are detail oriented at every level. We absorb client input, fostering collaboration. Our focus extends to the intricate interplay of materials, influenced by environmental and human factors. Attention to detail is our craft—a manifestation of care, crafting spaces that are both meaningful and deeply satisfying.


iii. PracticE practice-04

Our multi-disciplinary leadership at Pirie Associates brings ingenuity and practical skill to every project.

  • Environments Must be Inspired, Technically Competent, and Must Fall within Practical Realities of Budget and Schedule. We thrive within these constraints, navigating the inevitable trade-offs with focused adeptness.
  •  We Apply Sustainable Design Strategies by focusing on their purpose and benefits, making it easier for clients to grasp. We have created our own framework categorizing strategies based on their importance and positive impact, rather than specific solutions. We use the badges below to analyze our projects, assessing them for successful execution as well as future opportunities for improvement. You will find these badges included on all of our project pages on this website.

carbon drawdowncultural placemakingequity inclusivityhealth biophiliaresource efficiencysite ecology

  • Our approach draws on decades of experience, clear communication, and level-headed project organization and management. We strive to ensure that the resources consumed in making and operating environments are balanced and restored by the resources they give back: physically, intellectually, and in service.





Pirie Associates is committed to fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion through our studio culture and design practice. 


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  • Diversity: With only 8% of licensed architects identifying as minorities, we need to encourage youth from diverse backgrounds to pursue architecture. We volunteer in educational programs, have established urban school architecture initiatives, and participate in local high school career fairs. Our inclusive culture has led to a diverse client base, particularly in the food and retail sectors, with clients from African American, Cuban, Spanish, Chinese, and Caribbean communities.
  • Engagement: Pirie Associates fosters a mission-oriented culture focused on community service. The firm supports urban youth programs addressing equity and the environment via the Community Foundation of Greater New Haven.
  • Inclusion: We embrace diversity of thought, background, experience, and ability. We maintain a workplace culture of respect and curiosity, ensuring that everyone’s contribution is valuable. Knowledge is openly shared and sought out between staff, each with their own personal areas of expertise.
  • Land Acknowledgement: Pirie Associates acknowledges that indigenous peoples and nations, including Mohegan, Mashantucket Pequot, Eastern Pequot, Schaghticoke, Golden Hill Paugussett, Niantic, and the Quinnipiac and other Algonquian speaking peoples, have stewarded through generations the lands and waterways of what is now the state of Connecticut.  We honor and respect the enduring relationship that exists between these peoples and nations and this land.