Enriching New Haven with Compost

Date: Nov 29, 2016 2:23:13 PM

We recently started composting at Pirie Associates, and we feel really great about it. Composting is an easy way to positively impact both our local community and environment. When I prepared soup this morning, it made me smile to know that I would be able to discard the rejected parts of vegetables into our office’s compost bin. In just one week’s time, it will be processed into life sustaining soil. 

Some facts you may not know about composting:

  1. When valuable biodegradable waste decomposes in landfills without exposure to oxygen, it produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas, producing 25 times the warming effect of Carbon Dioxide.¹
  2. The average person in the United States generates 4.3 pounds of waste per day, and approximately two-thirds of that household waste can be composted.² New Haven households alone produce ≈200 tons of food scraps per week and an estimated 31.5% of our incinerated trash is biodegradable.³
  3. Composting can save our taxpayer dollars because The City of New Haven pays $85 per ton of trash to be hauled and incinerated in Bridgeport and Hartford.  

At Pirie, we enrich New Haven’s environment by contributing our food waste to Peels & Wheels, a non-profit program organized through New Haven Farms. Peels & Wheels volunteers collect biodegradables from New Haven residents and companies who do not have the means of composting themselves. Compostable materials are delivered to Phoenix Press Farms, where they are used as a natural fertilizer. Volunteers even use bicycles rather than cars to minimize their carbon footprint!

Join us by composting at your firm

If you care about the relationship between you and your planet, try giving back by joining us in composting! You’ll be glad to know that your biodegradable waste is actually contributing to the vibrancy of New Haven by limiting greenhouse gases and avoiding environmentally harmful fertilizers. You can register for your own compost bin here; all you need to do is fill it up, and New Haven Farms will do the rest!

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