Junzi Kitchen Prototype for Fresh, Modern Chinese Restaurant

Client Mission

In Chinese, junzi 君子 refers to a person who is humble, thoughtful and open to new ideas. For us, striving to be a junzi is the guiding principle for everything we do: from how we make our food to how we relate to the world.


Project At a Glance

Junzi Kitchen
New Haven, CT
Restaurant Prototype and Roll-out
Project Team:

General Contractor: Nash Contracting, Inc.

Furniture and Finishes: Junzi/Kaichuan Wong

Structural Engineer: Jacobson Structures

MEP Engineer: Engineering Design Group

Photographer: Yong Zhao

health biophiliaequity inclusivitycultural placemaking


Project Details

Pirie Associates was engaged to develop branding and a prototype concept design for a fast casual modern Chinese restaurant to be implemented in multiple locations.  The restaurant name, Junzi, developed during the branding design process, means a person with integrity and honor that lives a balanced life.  The circular logo and ethos diagram created by Pirie embody the mission of Junzi’s owners: to provide authentically prepared, fresh food in a way that delights the palette and has a minimal negative impact on our environment.  The restaurant components were designed as a kit-of-parts that can be easily configured for any location, maintaining the intended cyclical customer and food flow that supports Junzi’s mission and functions efficiently.