Workspace reboot



Modifying workspaces to help you do your best work

Are you considering beginning to bring your remote work staff back to the office?  What spatial modifications might you need to make to keep your staff safe?  And, will this new environment feel comfortable and support people in doing their best work?


Here are some ways we may be able to help:

  • Determine the safe capacity and flow of shared and meeting spaces
  • Determine how open workspaces may need to be modified to support social distancing
  • Assess flow through circulation space
  • Prepare diagrammatic drawings that are easy to understand
  • Identify modifications that can be made internally
  • Design or specify social distancing elements
  • Review code implications that may occur because of new layouts
  • Design signage that guides users
  • Coordinate installation of social distancing elements and/or signage
  • Work with our engineering partners to assess your air quality and HVAC Systems

How are you managing your personal and workflow as we shift to a “new normal”?

Is your personal workspace helping you do what you do BETTER?  Does it drag down or amplify you and what you do? Whether a room in your home, a co-working space, or a traditional office, your personal workspace can be realigned to increase your health and feed your creative energy…



If this sounds like just what you need, then we can help!

Service Fee: $279

Step 1: Fill out the intake form on this page.
Step 2: We’ll contact you to set everything up.
Step 3: We’ll send you a survey.
Step 4: Fill out the survey and upload photos.
Step 5: After we’ve reviewed what you’ve provided, we’ll have a 1-hour Zoom conference where we’ll give you an actionable plan that YOU can implement to make your personal workspace serve you better – so you can serve the world better!
Step 6: We’ll send you a recording of our conference.

With your survey and photo upload, we’ll assess things such as:

  • Light & Air
  • Materials
  • Organization
  • Body Wellness
  • Design & Character
  • Eco-friendliness


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