Women Who Build Summit

Event Date: 02.21.19
Location: Hartford, CT

By: Monica Perez del Rio

I attended the Women Who Build Summit in Hartford last week. The event, charged with good energy and enthusiasm, gathered some great professionals in the construction industry (mostly women 😊). The event was filled with excellent ideas, some of which I would like to share, hoping to inspire you as much as they inspired me.

  1. If you want to advance, get out of your comfort zone. TAKE RISKS. The best rewards come from the most courageous decisions.
  2. Learn how to LET GO of the things/jobs that will not improve your skills, jobs that keep you doing the same tasks and don’t spark your enthusiasm and motivation.
  3. SPEAK UP and be a leader. Influence others and be a model.
  4. COLLABORATE and be a good communicator. Work teams are getting bigger and more complex, so good communication skills and teamwork abilities are crucial nowadays.
  5. BE RESPONSIBLE in your actions/decisions. What you do matters.
  6. When you don’t know, ASK questions and look for help. There is always someone who can guide you. Being confident to ask is a strength, not a weakness.
  7. INVEST in human development. Take care of your employees as your best and most important capital.
  8. FULFILL your life, professionally and personally. Having multiple roles is really beneficial for your emotional and intellectual balance. Having a satisfactory private life will make you a happier person and a better professional.
  9. SET BOUNDARIES. Don’t let others choose instead of you. Take control and make decisions convenient for you.
  10. Learn how to FAIL and learn from your mistakes. Build resilience. Failure is just part of the process.

I also want to highlight the work of Anna Greenwald the CEO of On the GOGA, a wellness company committed to the principle: “Happy People Do Great Things”. She works to enhance personal and organizational success following the research on how happiness affects performance.

Thanks to Anna and to all the participants of the event who managed to inspire and motivate the increasingly strong community of women who build.