The Great Give 2017

Event Date: 05.02.17 - 05.03.17
Location: New Haven, CT

This year, with the help of The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, we are supporting organizations that advocate for equal opportunity and enrich our community. 

Join us during The Great Give on May 2nd and 3rd when we will be sponsoring a Prize for Social and Environmental Justice. $2,250 will go to the organization (of those listed below) that has the greatest number of new donors.

1. CT Voices for Children
2. Data Haven
3. Greater New Haven Help Alliance
4. New Haven Farms
5. Solar Youth
6. True Colors
7. Site Projects

CT Voices for Children promotes the well-being of CT children and families by identifying and advocating for strategic public investments and policies. 

Data Haven has dedicated 25 years of service to improve quality of life by collecting, interpreting, and sharing public data for effective decision-making. One of their core programs is DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey, which conducted in-depth interviews with nearly 17,000 residents in 2015; making it one of the largest well-being surveys in the United States.

Greater New Haven Help Alliance works to build community and support at-risk youth and people in crisis. They are a faith-based organization, but open their programs and services to the entire public regardless of religious affiliation.

New Haven Farms promotes health and community development through urban agriculture. To respond to the intersecting crises of diabetes, obesity, environmental degradation, and poverty, they fulfill their mission by transforming vacant dilapidated urban spaces into small organic farms in New Haven’s poorest neighborhoods. Along with partnering with agencies that serve the community, they also deliver several programs in addition to the Farm-Based Wellness Program, such as Peels & Wheels Compost

Solar Youth connects young people to the environment, their communities and each other. They help kids build the skills and motivations necessary to be positive contributors to their community, have healthy relationships, be physically and mentally healthy, and become economically self-sufficient.

True Colors works to ensure the needs of sexual and gender minority youth are both recognized and competently met. They organize the largest LGBT youth conference in the country with more than 3000 attendees and manages the state’s only LGBT mentoring program.

Site Projects commissions world class public artworks, programming, and events that enhance New Haven's cultural heritage and diversity. Public art is an essential part of a healthy, democratic society.  It enriches, inspires, and educates, enhancing our sense of place, purpose, and potential.