University Seminar and Study Rooms

Capturing Space in the Yale Sterling Law Building and Library
[The seminar and study rooms] look like something that’s always been part of the building. The detailing and the quality of the materials are exceptional.

Project At a Glance

Yale Law School
New Haven, CT
Seminar & Study Rooms
Project Team:

General Contractor: Petra Construction Corporation

MEP Engineer: WSP

Photographer: Erik Freeland

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For the Yale Law School, we reconfigured existing library stack space and under-utilized open lounge areas into a variety of enclosed study spaces. Within the library, we created a number of individual study rooms complete with a desk, bookcase, and bulletin board for use by PhD students. The study rooms fit seamlessly within the stacks and even incorporate an ADA accessible unit.   A series of open lounge areas and kitchenettes within the office wing of the complex were reconfigured to provide study rooms for small groups of students. Each study room incorporated a sound absorbing ceiling, laminated glass partitions, and door seals to separate the rooms from the adjacent faculty offices.  The wood and glass partitions allow ample daylight to continue to pass into the interior corridors while the laminated glass reduces sound transmission. Upgraded kitchenettes provide improved work surfaces, storage, microwave ovens and coffee service machines for both faculty and the students. The new study rooms vary in size to provide quiet spaces for a single individual through twelve people.