Outdoor Lifestyle Store

The Third Trailblazer Continues a Dialogue with Nature

Project At a Glance

Trailblazer Retail Store
New Haven, CT
Outdoor Lifestyle Retail Store
Project Team:

General Contractor: Advanced Interior Systems, Inc. 

Photographer: Pirie Associates

Year Completed:

health biophiliaequity inclusivitycultural placemaking




Trailblazer is an outdoor lifestyle retail store focusing on display and sales of all-around outdoor apparel, equipment and running gear.

The owner’s goals for the project:
▪ Take the vocabulary already established in previous locations and update it to include sensitive re-use of materials.
▪ Create a kit-of-parts strategy that allows the feel of the store to change with the seasons.
▪ Create clearly definable program areas within the singular volume.

The design solution:
▪ Uses reclaimed and recycled materials.
▪ Creates separate product zones that are open to view to the entire floor but are distinct and scaled to the particular product lines.
▪ Engages a graphic program of changeable banners and panels to reflect the seasonal and product variations.