Envisioning a Destination Built on Motorcycle  Passion

Project At a Glance

Turner's Falls, MA
Mixed-Use Commercial and Maker Space with Lodging

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Nova Real Estate is testing development options to build-out two sites on the eastern edge of Turner’s Falls’ downtown, adjacent to Unity Park and the Connecticut River. The general concept for First Street site is to create unique, short-term lodging in the midst of the Pioneer Valley and a new Turners Falls icon – The River Cottages on First Street. The general concept for the Second Street site is to create a multi-story, mixed use commercial building that includes light manufacturing, event/entertainment space, select retail, and office space. In the center between the First and Second Street sites is Nova Motorcycles and a gathering of “makers” – creatives who come together to work and collaborate in a like-minded community.

The project aims to create an iconic tourist destination on the Connecticut River and to improve commercial capacity of the local economy. Short term goals of the project include obtaining the proper permitting and zoning to develop 1st Street and 2nd Street sites. Longer-term goals are to nurture a “maker” community, drive more motorcycle-specific tourism to Turners Falls, and to get The River Cottages onto a postcard.

The Site Master Plan Concept Options were developed by Pirie Associates to test development scenarios, including:

  • Program/occupant mix
  • Site density
  • Improved pedestrian and recreational flow near Unity Park
  • Increased connectivity to the Connecticut River in support of Turner’s Falls’ long term planning for the river’s edge.