Cupid Came!

Date: 02.14.19

By: Becky Nichols

Each year cupid (aka Laura, though she will not admit it) delivers each of us here at Pirie a custom mix of gourmet chocolates from Wave.

She hand-picks chocolates uniquely suited to each person.  It may be flavors she knows you will like, or a crazy combo she thinks you’d find interesting, or just a beautiful shape or design she knows you’d appreciate.  Mine has all dark chocolate varieties because she knows I have a bitter-loving palette.  Brady’s doesn’t have any dark chocolate in it…he’s a milk chocolate person, but I’m friends with him anyway.  Imagine our surprise this morning when, even though Laura is on the other side of the country for her daughter-in-law’s wedding in California, there they were!  Silver boxes wrapped in red and white ribbon concealing delicious surprises. 

Valentine’s Day magic.  We love you too LP.