Mixed-use Transit-oriented Development Proposal

Transforming a Marginalized Site

Project At a Glance

Hudson Wareck Partnership Developers
New Haven, CT
Residential and Retail Mixed-Use TOD Proposal
Project Team:

Developer: Hudson Wareck Partnership Developers

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Project Details

The proposed urban development plan is inspired by the desire to marry the history of the neighborhood with a sustainable, contemporary design. This goal will be accomplished through designing sensitive building massing and architectural detailing and by creating a dynamic pedestrian experience with ground level commercial and social activities. Residential rental and/or condominium apartments will be the primary use above the street level, with a proposed office component at the Crown Street end of the site, taking advantage of the proximity to the train station and capturing commuter-oriented business tenants. The project will incorporate sustainable principles, utilizing both low-tech strategies such as advantaging building orientation, daylight and green roofs as well as high-tech mechanisms such as photovoltaic panels and co-generation.