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Project At a Glance

Town of Glastonbury
Glastonbury, CT
Design Guidelines Imagery
Project Team:

FHI Studios - Design Guidelines Lead

Pirie Associates - Community Engagement and Visualizations

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Project Details

The Town of Glastonbury is composed of an active community base and Town authority who have a major interest in developing a pedestrian focused town center. Pirie Associates led the Community Outreach sessions organized to gain input from and build consensus among the community for the vision of how the Town Center Village District should evolve over time. The sessions also included a review of additional commercial areas throughout the town. Building upon information gathered through online surveys related to the existing conditions, the public work sessions focused on what was desired. Tools utilized included showing precedents of other Town Centers and their physical layouts, densities and strategies for parking followed by group breakout sessions. The smaller format discussions allowed more community members to express their views on their concerns or visions. PAA also provided the visualizations for the Design Guidelines, developed by FHI studios, to convey the required or recommended treatments of site, structures, and signage within the TCVD.