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Focusing on hospitality and experience while safely adapting restaurants

As we begin to welcome people back to dining-in at restaurants, how do we need to adjust capacity, flow, and operations for the safety of guests and staff?  And how do we do this without losing the experience and hospitality that everyone has been craving during this time??  Restaurant owners want guests and staff to be safe AND feel comfortable.


Here are some ways we may be able to help:

  • Determine the safe capacity of your restaurant in its existing configuration
  • Study options for modifying layouts and/or adding social distancing elements to increase safety/capacity
  • Design new outdoor dining space
  • Develop flow plans
  • Strategize ways to modify operations
  • Prepare diagrammatic drawings that are easy to understand
  • Identify modifications that can be made internally
  • Design or specify social distancing elements and/or furniture
  • Review code implications that may occur because of new layouts
  • Design signage that guides users
  • Coordinate installation of social distancing elements, furniture, and/or signage
  • Work with our engineering partners to assess your air quality and HVAC Systems


We’re happy to jump in at any scale.  Our goal is to use our expertise to help you step forward, and we can do so in a light-touch way, being only involved in the capacity you would find truly helpful. 


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