Placemaking that Enhances Community and Generates Energy

Client Mission

The Desmond Fish Public Library leads with innovation and imagination to foster exploration, discovery, and knowledge sharing that connects our diverse communities through a welcome and inclusive environment and a strong, sustainable, and transparent organization.

They have been able to articulate the needs and goals of a broad range of community stakeholders into simple and elegant plans that reflect…the different stories about what the library means to our many community members and respond to the unique historical, environmental, and community contexts of our property.

Project At a Glance

Garrison, NY
Master Plan and Concept Design for sculptural solar photovoltaic array, landscape enhancements, and outdoor program uses on the 13 acre library grounds.
Project Team:

Renewable Energy Design Collaborator: Lindsay Suter

Civil Engineers: The Chazen Companies


site ecologyresource efficiencyhealth biophiliaequity inclusivitycultural placemakingcarbon drawdown



The master plan is conceived of as a Discovery Path where visitors can explore the Library’s place in the Hudson Valley ecosystem, experience both cultivated and naturalized landscapes, understand the changing habitats on site, and enjoy large group performances and gentle walks. Along the Discovery Path, each system or element is optimized to orientation or relationship, including a pollinator garden, emerging woodlands and wetlands, as well as a cultivated landscapes for outdoor reading and tree-canopied amphitheater performances. Embracing their mission as an institution of innovation, knowledge, and leadership, the grandest expression of the Desmond Fish Public Library’s aspirations is the sculptural photo-voltaic array, oriented to maximize solar energy collection and shaped like wind-captured ribbon as it lofts between the river and mountains.

The Discovery Path and Reading Garden will be built in spring, 2020.  The Ribbon Array will follow shortly thereafter. Then over time, additional elements along the Path will take shape. At every turn throughout the process, the library sought to demonstrate balance – of effort, of attention, of leadership in action.