What Do Good Architects/Designers & Marketers Have in Common?

Date: May 19, 2016 6:20:43 PM

Marketing agencies help you assess and enhance your brand with print and digital media, your website, social media presence, advertising, etc.  What about your PHYSICAL space?  

This is one of your biggest assets and should be leveraged as another method of communicating and furthering your mission – not only to the people who visit, but perhaps even more importantly, to the people who inhabit the space day in and day out.

A good designer and a good marketer:

  • Mind Meld: Can dive inside your head and heart to get a deep understanding of you and your company’s or institution’s values & mission (and sometimes help YOU understand who you are!). It requires careful listening, setting aside assumptions and the ability to shape-shift. We merge our minds and our intentions with your brand and your needs – we become an extension of you.
  • Don’t Believe in Formulas: Appreciates that every client is different and enjoys creating unique solutions for every new client and for every existing client as they grow. Your organization isn’t exactly like any other and shouldn’t be treated as if it is.
  • Design Informed by Purpose: Lots of people can make something beautiful, but if it isn’t reflective and supportive of your company’s mission, it isn’t truly well-designed.
  • Strategize: Without an overall conceptual strategy, authenticity is lost and communication will not be clear. Without an implementation strategy, ideas don’t come to fruition. The level of thoughtfulness and intention that it takes to develop a conceptual strategy must be supported by the practical skill to put it into place.

Although we help our clients in different (yet often overlapping) ways, good designers and marketers have incredibly similar skill sets!

When your architect/designer sees your environment as a physical manifestation of your mission, the way a good marketer may look at your logo or website, it brings a whole new value to the design experience and the result. Your mission spreads throughout your organization and to the people it serves.


Image Credit: Drawing by Anna Salomons.  She's a photographer, writer and artist from Hamburg, Germany. Take a moment to check out her beautiful work!