The Most Important Asset You Are Not Engaging to Grow Your Company

Date: Oct 5, 2015 2:28:31 PM

When you think of growing your business, you likely focus on current customers, reaching new customers, staff, costs, production, innovation, quality control, efficiency, etc. The list goes on and on. No doubt, these are vitally important pieces of taking your business to the next level.

There is one asset that most people don’t think of when it comes to growing their company. It’s the place where you make your special brand of magic happen: your environment. And guess what – your environment is just sitting there, waiting for you to recognize it and engage it in a conscious and purposeful way.

Now it may seem strange to imagine a building or environment as a “responsive” thing, but just hear me out…

It’s a unique aspect of humankind that when we create something, anything, our energy and intent are infused in the result. Humans are also wired to send and receive information viscerally, with our senses and feelings, through what we create and what we respond to in the world around us.   

Try a little experiment to see if you can feel what I mean:

Take a second (you may want to close your eyes) to recall and feel the most powerful human-made place you have ever been - a place that really stirred your heart - even gave you goose bumps. The easiest places to experience this feeling are ancient sites like Machu Picchu, the Hagia Sofia, or Stonehenge.

These places are powerful because they were built with a very specific intention in mind, and then centuries and centuries of humans visited, cared for, and invested their continuing energy and attention in them. The result? Today, we can visit these ancient places, not even know the original intent, and STILL FEEL something really special when there. Why do you think Machu Picchu is on so many people’s bucket list?

Imagine if your environment could embody your company’s mission with even a fraction of the power and impact that Machu Picchu has.

Purposefully designing your business environment with this level of intention can transform a dormant, unutilized box into the responsive, supportive, super-hero of your company’s growth. Why? Because when you build your environment with this level of intention, you will feel it. Your customers will feel it. Your employees will feel it. And whatever it is that you do or make in that space will have the quality and energy of your mission imbued in it.

Here’s the best news: giving this level of attention to your environment does not have to cost a bazillion dollars, be scary, or take you away from your work. It’s as simple as recognizing that your environment is an ally that can be actively engaged to grow your business, and then taking the action to do something about it.