Fear as Inspiration

Date: Sep 29, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Last week I participated in a neighborhood meeting where transportation and roadway changes were discussed. There were very strong opinions expressed both for and against the changes. As the evening unfolded and emotions rose, rather than get too frustrated , I shifted my perception and began to observe the meeting as if I were watching a movie.  This shift kept me from getting hooked by everyone’s emotions and allowed me to see the many points of view being shared.

Here’s what I saw:

  • Some wanted to learn.
  • Some wanted to complain.
  • Some wanted to share.
  • Some were afraid.

Wow. Those who were afraid really caught my attention. Seeing how fear was driving points of view and reactions to the discussion was so simple - and oh so powerful.

The next day I was in a project meeting where our design team was preparing for a presentation.  In thinking through the possible reactions to our proposal, “Let’s imagine what their fear might be.” slipped out of my mouth - before I even knew it.

Imagining possible fears that might emerge from our presentation became a point of inspiration and understanding. It inspired us to raise the level of our creative thinking, and before we knew it, another potential solution emerged.  

Imagining possible fears also prepared the team to operate with greater understanding. It invited us to be ready to step back, if required, and look beyond the surface to see what may really be at the root of our client’s reactions.

Most of the time we push fear away because it is uncomfortable. Yet, when fear is invited into the discussion, it’s infinitely easier to find a solution. Why? Because it’s a lot easier to find a solution to a challenge that we can see than it is to find a solution to a one that’s locked in the shadows.

Imagine if engaging with the stuff that’s hidden in the shadows is the best way to get to what you really DO want?

OK, so what’s this got to do with taking your business to the next level? It’s about moving through the fear to get to the root of what inspires you, defining the big dream, and consciously engaging every ally you can to make it happen. Your environment is where you do what you do, and it can be your most powerful ally.

You’re invited to engage your environment to consciously build your business.