A Sofa in the Kitchen

Date: Sep 2, 2015 2:28:00 PM

FA -> fact

We are working with a client on a kitchen design for which we presented a couple of options. In one of the designs we presented we included the space for seating, reading and relaxing. Our proposal was to have some comfortable seating, low table or more “living-room-type furniture” than only kitchen furniture.

The first response of our clients was to assert (affirm? state?) that they were not sure about “soft furniture” as being part of the kitchen.

Not with the intention to convince them, but just because we really wanted them to know what our thoughts were in the functioning of the kitchen as an important place for the whole family, we just shared with them all of the activities they take “CAN” take place in a family kitchen and how the design of it can improve the everyday life.

Little by little they started “liking” the idea of having the kids around doing homework, working on their laptops or just sitting around while someone else is cooking or setting up the table. (This can improve that the whole family shares the tasks!)

PM -> Personal Memories

This make me think about where I used to spend most of my time with my family when I was a kid. Although my mother used to keep an immaculate living room three times the size of our kitchen, we definitely spent 3 times more time in the kitchen than in the living room.

I remember sitting there while all the things were being cooked, before and after lunch, surrounded by my parents, my siblings, the noise of the dishwasher, the smell of the cooked food and my mother fabric-collages depicting all kinds of vegetables hanging on the walls. I will always remember our kitchen as a warm, cozy and safe place where everything happened.

BP -> Big picture

Does this mean what we should re-CONSIDER, re-INVENT the layout of our houses? Should we create a kitchen-living space where families can spend more time together where besides cooking and eating we could play an instrument, read a book, brain-train in our I-pad or skype with a faraway friend?

Is it logical that we enlarge the kitchens of our projects when people tend to cook less and to eat more outside and take-out food more often? Would this be a reason to support the multiuse kitchen?


For a couple of reasons we decided not to use the kitchen-living room design as we presented to them, but our clients had liked the idea of their living-kitchen so much that we ended up reorganizing the layout to still include some comfy furniture in it. We are lucky that they have great taste and they will find the perfect furniture combination to our design.

I will post a picture when it is done.


BTW, I googled the title of my post “A sofa in the kitchen” and I found a nice “old” blog of recipes with a nice design, cozy and very familiar (in case you have a couple of minutes more…)



Featured Image: Painting: “Sofa” by Alexander Onishekno.
Photo Credit: JDodge420

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