The 20 REASONS WHY ……I Won’t Miss Pirie Associates’ Next Event

Date: Nov 27, 2017 11:00:00 AM


…I won’t miss Pirie Associates’ next event:

  1. I GRASPED the meaning of PechaKucha. Not only the definition that we find in our everyday, digitally-sourced encyclopedia, but a more real meaning: an informative, enjoyable, creative, multi-presentation community party celebrated among a group of very interesting and curious people.
  1. I WONDERED what could be the connection between Idaho and Igloo, and I surprisingly founded many connections between them that I could have never imagined. And, best of all, I know now that there are many other ideas between them just waiting to be discovered.
  1. I WISHED the developer of the theme for this PechaKucha event had been able to be with us. Thanks Krissy Velardi for the unique idea of Idaho to Igloo and all of the ideas it sparked in us.
  1. I LAUGHED with Kent Schwendy, CEO of CIL, Corporation for Independent Living, and his creative way of showing us his how he embraces his personal contradictions as an asset. He demonstrated how your personality can illuminate your profession and your everyday life in many interesting and special ways and how embracing the unplanned can bring about wonderful things – even for a professional planner!
  1. I TALKED to clients, consultants, and several members of the community about diverse topics, some related to the work we do (such as urban development, city opportunities…) but many others just related to people and living. Although it was the first time I talked to some of them, in the end I had the feeling of having just talked to a group of friends.
  1. I ENJOYED each one of the presentations, including the ad-lib group presentation at the end of the evening, which made me realize how each one of us can have a completely different way of looking at the same things, especially when the word you are supposed to talk about has multiple interpretations, right Kevin Murray?! 

Igloo Cooler.jpg

  1. I BREATHED with Jen Grace Baron, who helped my nervous system to calm in just a couple of minutes. You can read more extensively about this in the New York Times article “Breathe. Exhale. Repeat: The Benefits of Controlled Breathing.” Jen, the co-founder of Inspire Corps, guided the audience on the path toward inner inspiration.
  1. I ADMIRED the work of my colleagues Becky Nichols and Charles Hickox who, in a record period of time, put the entire event together as if this was the type of work they do every day. This reminds me of something I read not a long time ago: “An architect knows something about everything. An engineer knows everything about one thing.” (No offense to our engineering partners! We love this about you.)
  1. I SHARED Laura Pirie's candid story of how important it is not to get stuck in a rut and go to your comfort zone without seeing all of the possibilities available to you. She offered a reflection of Pirie Associates’ culture and motivation when she explained how our way of working is a natural process which develops with every project and every client.
  1. I LOVED Ben Young’s intimate and personal way of explaining how the idea of his company, Hugo and Hoby, started and why, in a natural way, he finds himself doing what he does. Is their modern, crafted, sustainable furniture meant to be part of a meaningful space, or…is it their furniture that helps the space to become meaningful?
  1. I LEARNED from Melissa Kops, board member of the CTGBC and co-facilitator of the Living Building Challenge Connecticut Collaborative, that The International Living Future Institute, also known as the Cascadia Green Building Council, includes the regions of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alaska, and... Idaho!
  1. I SAT next to Luca DiMatteo who volunteered for a minute to talk about the words Id and Idyllic and how they relate to his work at Conscious Pioneer, the organization he co-foundered with his wife, Laura Pirie.
  1. I COMMENDED Jen Murray’s bravery for participating in (and doing an excellent job with!) the ad-lib presentation, even though she didn’t know she was doing it until that night.
  1. I EMBRACED a new word in my everyday life... idleness, which, following Haley Busch's words, may allow your brain to rest and replenish itself with bright and creative ideas... Let's try it!
  1. I DISCOVERED the latest renovation of the space where we were celebrating the event, BAR’s event space, with a new lighting feature that filled the room with elegance and warmth.
  1. I TASTED a delicious vegetarian pizza that I would never have even tried. Thanks to the organizers for helping the non-vegetarian participants fall in love with this vegetarian recipe. 
  1. I PEEKED at the “Asked me about” labels through the room and, although the goal of these words was to connect people, I can say it was also amusing! 
  1. I OBSERVED Jeremy White during the event. He slipped around, barely noticeable, capturing the heart and vibe of the event on film in a way only he can. 
  1. I WROTE this blog which reminded me what a great group of people we are and how well we fit in this community where we have the pleasure to belong.
  1. I REALIZED this event, as many others, is only possible with the collaboration of many. Thanks to all of you who were there for this event and to those who will be there at the events to come....